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Alright here it goes, the second raffle officially started and will end next week Tuesday. As before I will mention tasks which you can do to get extra, free tickets.

This time there are no points to be won, that might be in the next one, but you can still donate points for extra tickets or generally donate some points if you so desire.

This raffle is about features and free commissions, but until I find an artist willing to do some free commissions, it will just be features for now.

I will keep the tickets of the people who didn't win in the last raffle and if you wish to know how many tickets you have just send me a quick note and I will let you know. Anyhow, let's get straight to business.

You can earn some raffle tickets by donating (1 point for one ticket and up to 10) or by doing some of the tasks I will put up during the time of the raffle.


1st place winner: Three deviations of your choice will be put into my favorites, featured in the next journals for a month and added into the favorites of anime-and-fantasy

2nd place winner: One random deviation from your gallery will be added to my favorites, featured in the next journals for a month and added to the favorites of anime-and-fantasy

For the task, please check the description
If you wish to check the group out of join it here's their icon :iconanime-and-fantasy:
it's definitely worth it since they collect all kinds of art, hold contests where you can win prizes and they're a very laid back group that don't spam you with endless amounts of deviations.


First thing you can do to earn some 5 tickets:

Watch me and if you already watched me give me a llama and if you've already done both just leave a comment on one of :iconblacky91:'s pictures.
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May 8, 2012
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